Dr Anne Fulcher

07 Jan 2016

2019 marks 45 years of Anne working with children with hearing loss. She was Introduced into the field as a tutor to Dr Bruce Shepherd’s two children with profound hearing loss while completing BADipEd in Maths, Education and Psychology at Macquarie University. She was awarded a Rotary Postgraduate scholarship to complete a Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing Loss at Smith College/Clarke School, Massachusetts. Anne subsequently joined TSC in 1976 and has assisted in rolling out many exciting innovative programs, including our First Sounds Cochlear Implant Program, rigorous assessment protocols, our Talk Together program for families of newly diagnosed infants and social skills programs. In 2012 she completed her PhD: “Speaking for Themselves: Speech Outcomes of Auditory-Verbal Children with Early-Identified Severe/Profound Hearing Loss”. She is currently the Principal Listening and Spoken Language Specialist at The Shepherd Centre and is passionate about supporting research-based best practices for children, families and professionals in our field.